Friday, September 30, 2005

Happy Birthday T-Man!!!!

T-Man is my second son. He is 9yrs old today. For his birthday meal he had Raman noodles and Tostitoes chips. Now before anyone calls child protective services, let me tell you that this was his choice of food. This kid would eat nothing but PB and J sandwiches and Raman noodles if we let him.

So anyway, he is having a sleep over/pizza party tomorrow night, so tonight he chose the noodles. He's the middle child, so he has always been my trouble maker. People say the middle child acts out because he wants the attention that the older and younger siblings get. T-man fits that stereo type to-a-t.

When he was a toddler and in daycare, if he would wet his pants, the teachers would get his wet pants off and he would take off running around naked and throw a fit if they tried to hold him down to put his dry clothes on. Now keep in mind he went to a military day care, so they are very prim and proper on how they conduct business. One day they called me at work and told me that T-man was holding teachers at bay with a milk crate. They were trying to get him to put his clean pants on, but he wouldn't let them get close to him. He was suspended one day from daycare for that little incident.

Last year he got punished for tripping a little girl at the YMCA after school program. According to the counselor, T-man was standing on one side of the basketball court. He took his back pack and flung it across the gym floor at a little girl who was running. He clipped her legs out from under her. All for no good reason.

Since last year he has calmed down a lot. His grades are outstanding and his conduct is great. I think he's matured a lot in the last year. HAPPY B-DAY my little man.



Heather said...

T-Man is adorable... and seems to have a fabulous taste in foods! ha ha!

I'm the middle child, so I acted out because I COULD! ha ha!

Hugs paul!

Wendy said...

He is a very handsome little boy. Hey, if little boys weren't mischieveous, they wouldn't be little boys. :)

I have the same tile you do (from what I can see) in your kitchen, except mine is in the living room.