Thursday, September 22, 2005

Like the sign said...Gratitude!!!

After some friendly reminders from fellow bloggers that my quest is just that, and not an instant gratification deal, I hope to get back on my path to higher spiritual enlightenment (Thanks Momthatsnuts,Wendy and Addict).

So today I tried to restart my journey. It has been difficult because I'm still sick, but I tried to keep an optimistic mind, and on the drive into work this morning I took time out to pray and enjoy the beautiful morning sky.

My boss at the music store was admitted into the hospital today with heart problems. I really hope he pulls through this. I've talked about him in past posts. He sang and did voice overs for the Banana Splits when the show was in its original run. Bob is a very cool older guy who is very intuitive.

Part of my problem is that I havent been able to play the drums in over a week. I hope to get some drum time in this weekend.

The picture above is of my two youngest rug rats. All 3 of my boys, as well as my wife and I are healthy. I should be extremely grateful for that alone.



Wendy said...

adorable kids! I hope your boss comes through ok. Scary stuff. I'll send a prayer his way.

addict said...

First... your kids are just adorable, your wife must be extremely good looking ;)

I so remember the Banana Splits... I hope your boss is back to being um... bossy soon!

Heather said...

I hope your boss is feeling better soon. How sweet of you to have good thoughts for him!

Your children are adorable!!

It is so nice to see you post about being a healthy family...and you should be grateful... I think you are inside. Hugs!

MomThatsNuts said...

What a cute picture!!!! I hope you and your boss are feeling better soon, and for PETES SAKE go bang something would ya??? come here and bang on our need to get to that before you go nuts. I am getting more and more antsy to get my feet in some ocean water, thats my equivalent to YOUR feet must be in salty water every couple of months or my spirit just gets all cranky!!!
You are a great person and you will be GReAT...


:phil: said...

Cute Kids! I Hope you're feeling better and your boss is too.
My youngest was watching the Bananna Splits yesterday. I remember when that show came out