Sunday, October 16, 2005


Not much to report today. My day started off with a phone call from a fellow addict telling me to get my butt out of bed and get down to the Sunday morning meeting. I needed that. I haven't made a meeting in over a month.

After the meeting after the meeting I came home and loaded up the family (minus the oldest rug rat) and headed over to a local landmark called "The dirt hill". We trekked up the thing and snapped a few pics of beautiful Wichita Falls.

After the dirt hill we went to a local park where there is a radio controlled airplane landing strip and watched some local pilots fly their very cool (and expensive) crafts. These hobbyists
are truly talented. One standout who was on hand today and operated his airplane to perform some awesome tricks was Eddie Hill.

You may remember Eddie Hill as a NHRA top fuel drag racer who dominated back in the 80's. Eddie retired after he experienced a close call when the engine of his dragster blew up right behind his head. He credited a titanium "headache plate" with saving his life when shrapnel started flying. Eddie is a local celebrity who owns a motorcycle shop and keeps a low profile. I enjoyed watching him pilot his craft and perform tricks for everyone watching.

So I think I'm gonna cut this short so I can eat and go hit the tubs before I turn in...


Heather said...

Sounds like you had a nice family outing day!!

That picture of that dragster blowing... WOW! Spooky! I can totally see why he retired!! I think I would have TOO!!! Wait, Im to chicken to drive that fast...

Anyhooo... glad you hit a morning meeting! Glad you have buddies out there to remind yah!

addict said...

What a perfect Sunday!

Kid Ric said...

Hi Paul,

Drummers rule man. Keep the beat, keep the faith and keep the change. Keep on rockin'.

Kid Ric