Friday, November 25, 2005

Guess who was Tarpley's best customer today?

The ride in to work at the music store led me to believe that today was going to be a busy one. At 7:00 am the streets were packed with traffic. The music store is next door to a Circuit City Electronics store, and when I turned onto the street, cars were overflowing CC's parking lot into the street.

I noticed that there were a half a dozen cars parked in our parking lot as well. When I walked in the back door, the boss was grumbling about people parking in our lot and not coming in.

But Circuit City's "in the black sales day" was not to be our stores situation. Today was a very very weak sales day. Despite having a very nice flier in yesterdays paper, and despite a 3 hr period where the store paid the sales tax, as of 4:00 pm our store had only done about $6,000. Last year on this day the store did $13,000 with $7,000 done in the "tax free" time period alone.

Today wasn't all bad though. As you can see in the pic above, I bought myself a full set of drum heads...Remo's Ebony Pinstripes to be exact. I love the sound of these heads. I'm working up the energy to drive across town and install them. I didn't need new heads, but I just haven't been happy with the clear pin stripes that are on my kit now. They have only been on my kit for about 6 months, so I will be able to recoup about half my money back on them via e-bay.

Justin K, if you are checking in today I want you to know I was thinking of you earlier. I went to a local book media store to buy a cd and found this large hardcover book called the Grateful Dead. It had many pictures and references to your dad and had a few references to you. It was a very cool book.

Well, it's almost 11:00 pm and I need to get across town to install these new heads.


Anonymous said...

Noticed you stopped by. Maybe you'd find my original music of interest, although I'm a lead guitar player, and I use a midi rig to compose backing tracks. The link is in the sidebar at The Psychotic Patriot.

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...

Ebony Pinstripes are cool. If you like the sound of those heads, I'd also recommend the Evans Hydraulic ones. Also, for the bass drum they have an EQ4 (I think) head that will give you a really nice, deep tone.

Yay for new heads!


Justin Kreutzmann said...

always good to have a new head.

addict said...

It almost looks like early christmas at your place!

:phil: said...

It's good to buy yourself a new toy now and then