Sunday, December 18, 2005

Playing catch up...pnut tagged me...

PNut left me a comment telling me to snap out of it and post 5 random things about myself. What's funny about this is that I read hers the day she posted it and I'll be darned if I saw my tag line at the bottom. However, I revisited her post today and sure enough there is my challenge.

So apologies are in order to ya pnut for not getting to this before now. Also, thank you for the nudge to get off my pitty pot. It might take awhile, but I'll mak e it. Let's get to it:

5 Random things about me.

1. I (and 2 friends) rescued a family from a burning house back around 83'. It was like 2 am and we were coming in from a night of mischievous fun. We drove past the house and saw fire inside the front windows. As we ran up to the house, we heard a lady and baby screaming. My friend ran into the flames and escorted them out of the inferno. She said her husband had been drinking and cooking and was passed out in the living room. I ran to the front of the house and threw a plant through the window. I stuck my upper body in the window and woke the guy up and got him to come out of the house. We were lauded in the local paper for our actions. The lady sent a very nice letter to each of us praising us and telling us that we prompted her to make life changes concerning her and her husband. Our friends in school teasingly nicknamed us "heroes". They were the only ones who questioned what we were doing out that late. To set the stage for you...If you ever saw the movie Dazed and Confused, the main characters were mirror images of me and my friends.

2. I jumped out of an airplane once. I've always been a bit "off" in my life choices. Me and a female co-worker were talking one day about things in life we'd like to do before we left this world. Sky diving was brought up, and we did it. As I sit here reliving the experience in my head, I don't know why I followed through with it....but I did.

3. I've visited a Buddhist temple in the mountains of South Korea. We were biking up in the mountains and happened onto the grounds. The vibe on the premises was unbelievable. Life at its simplest. At first the priests were leary of us, but a smile and a nod assured them that we were ok. We quietly sat and observed life in the camp for quite awhile. Eventually a young lady approached us and stated that the priests invited us to stay for lunch. We graciously declined because we weren't sure what lunch would consist of (Koreans eat some outlandish things). The experience of that day will stay with me forever.

4. I have a huge fear of needles. I am covered with tattoos, but I cannot watch an artist work on me. I almost passed out the other day when the hospital was drawing blood for some lab work.

5. I have a hard time calming myself and being grateful. My brain is always going, my OCD always has me looking for more and my personality wont allow me to be "in the moment". I'm working on this problem, but progress is slow...I hope that this will change when I retire...

So that's it. That's 5 random things about me. Thanks again to pnut for prodding this trip into my psyche. I'm tagging MPD. C'mon you hardcore rocker... How about it?


boiledpnut said...

Wow-- these are great!

mr. schprock said...

Those were some truly interesting things, Paul, especially number 1. I'm with you on number 5 — I'm constantly working on being more relaxed and in the moment. Excellent post.

Wendy said...

Number 3 is so fantastic. I bet if you could go back, you would have eaten the lunch. You think so?

addict said...

Awesome list!
But I see no reason to jump out of a plane unless the piolet is jumping too :)
You are wayyyyy braver than I

MomThatsNuts said...

Awesome things!! Random or not! I enjoyed getting to know you a bit more. I also visited a Buddhist Temple, but it was in Phoenix, so I dont think it was as cool... Glad to see you even if I dont play the drummer game...I want to skydive before I die too..