Friday, December 30, 2005


Today has been declared a "family day" by some general way up the food chain. What that means to me is that I get a four day weekend (Monday is a fed holiday). But wait, the story gets better... Over the past two weeks, the boss has been giving people who stayed in the local area, time off for the holidays. My 4 days off are gonna be this week. If my Mississippi math serves me correctly, I'll have 10 days off from the USAF, and not have to burn a single day of leave. SWEEET!

Also, I think I may cut my schedule at the music store back to Saturdays only. Only until Aug or so, until band instrument rentals pick back up. If I do, my hrs will drop back from 24 a pay period to 16. It's just starting to wear on me trying to leave my military job and speed home, change clothes and get to the store by 5:30 so I can at least get an hour in before the store closes.

So never to be one with good timing, just as I'm going to cut my hours back, I'm going to buy new cymbals. For those that aren't familiar with drumming, cymbals can be the most expensive part of the kit. I'm looking at Zildjian K's. They are top of the line professional grade cymbals.

We are supposed to get together tonight about 9:30 and jam. I'm not sure if our we will have our rhythm guitarist or not. As far as I know, he is still out of town. It don't matter...I just need to hit something. I might slip up to the jam pad and screw around a bit today.

Well, I gotta get my lazy butt in the shower. I hope everyone's Christmas was great.

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MomThatsNuts said...

Hey Paul!! Wow 10 days will drive your wife if the ETK spends more than about 24 hours home he is all kinds of cranky! Anyhow, glad your getting a break! Yeah we need some new drum heads(?) here but I dont know how to tune them so I gotta get that figured our before I invest in new skins (or whatever the lingo is, you know what I mean)
Have fun at your JAM SESSION