Sunday, January 01, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust

So 2005 is done... I'm kicking the doors open on 2006 by watching Motley Crue's new Carnival of Sins DVD on the surround sound. Their type of style has long since been played out, but they still have kick ass stage presence and I love their music.

Speaking of stage presence, wife and I went to see my drum instructors band last night. They have a new singer. A girl replaced a guy vocalist. Now this band used to be heavy--ala Ozzy, Alice in Chains, Pantera, etc. Last night was their first show with the new singer, and the heaviest thing they did was Alanis Morrisette. This was not the same band I'm used to seeing. They actually did something called "I saw him standing next to the juke box". Some Joan Jett crap I believe.

I have to give the girl her props, she can do Alanis to a tee, but nailing one or two songs out of an entire set wont get them booked in this town. I was cordial when asked my opinion after their set. The best heavy band we have in this town is still "X". Check them out over in my links section. They have a killer light show and the guitar player is so stuck in the 80's with his style, he actually pulls you back with him.

So tonight we are supposed to practice again. I believe we are going to record this practice. If I can edit something that I believe is quality enough, I might post a clip.
See ya,

P.S. Where's MPD????


MomThatsNuts said...

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the Drum advice. I think I am going to hire someone to do it. Nothing wrong with Alaniss, although a singer should have thier OWN style unless they are a total cover band. Personally, I could cover Patsy Cline to a T but wouldnt because someone might acutally hear me doing country music (god forbid!)
I dont know WHERE MPD is.....hmmmmmm


txlatina said...

Hola my fellow Texan!! Thanks for stopping by my newly started blog. Mine is a work in progress but I hope you come again. Thank you as well for the good wishes on things working out..I am sure they will. I come from a family of musicians and have a younger brother that has done a good deal of traveling and performing on drums. I am a horn player myself spent a time as a vocalist as well. I have bookmarked your site and would link you if I knew how...either way I plan to stick around a read a bit!! Good luck in the new year to you and yours!!!