Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Not much of nuthin is happening

Not too much to post. We had a 4 star general speak to us at a commanders call today. He gave the old "you are all doing a fabulous job" pep talk. Over the past 18 yrs, the speeches have lost their pizazz. The 4 star today was a great speaker, he just delivered a worn out message.

The music store job is great. I've ordered myself some new crash cymbals. Top of the line Zildjian K's. I've got a 16" and 18" Dark Medium Thins on their way. I've chosen my cymbals with a brilliant finish rather than the traditional finish. In my opinion, brilliant cymbals look and sound better.

These K's are really nice. They cost a pretty penny too. They retail for about $220 a piece. Of course, I get a really sweet employee discount. I'll post pics of my new toys when they arrive.


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hey i just linked you so i hope you don't mind. hope you are having a wonderful day

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Hope you are enjoying the weekend!