Saturday, April 29, 2006

Very cool stuff from my friend Michael L.

You may remember me posting awhile back about my friend Michael L. Michael collects Neil Peart drum sticks and he has a kick ass website dedicated to his hobby. Well he sent me an email this morning telling me to check out his updated page. He received the first pair of NP signature sticks that rolled off the line for 06'.

Not only did the nice folks at Pro Mark send Michael the sticks, they took pictures of the sticks getting the final touches on the assembly line. The president of Promark sticks also hand wrote a note to Michael explaining that the sticks were the #1 set.

Now for the folks who don't know the "411" on endorsed artists music items, the artist usually receives the "first item" every year. Michael relayed to me that Neil Peart gave the knod to ProMark to go ahead and send the first pair of NP signature sticks to Michael. How friggen cool is that..?

Click here or his link over in my links section to go to Michael's web page to check out the cool pictures of his new sticks. Once his page loads, click on "special ProMark pictures".

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