Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Sunday sermon (READ: RANT)


The above is an EXACT quote that I watched the good senator say to Wolfe Blitzer this morning. This was the jittery response to the question Wolfe asked about Obama's idea for spreading the wealth to people who don't pay taxes. Basically it will turn into more welfare. And you know my philosophy about welfare perpetuating laziness. I'm not speaking against, waitresses or janitors, the above skillset's were the two the senator used .

Her response is absurd. Just because you pay SALES TAX doesn't give you a right to qualify for a hand out. Jesus H. Christ, this liberal mouth piece needs to think before she speaks. Now listen, I know some of my new liberal friends are going to flame me for my harsh criticism on this post. I've already had to apologize for a notion I made about being affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan a week or so ago (mine and VN8's joking rant).

So, I would like to give my new friends my bio so they know exactly where I came from and this may give them a glimpse into why I am such a staunch conservative. I may appear to have an "ivory tower" attitude, but I can assure you that I worked to build my ivory tower, and it infuriates me to think B.O. could undermine my hard work to give some of my "stuff" to others who haven't worked like I have. Here's the story:

I was born in South Ms. to a blue collar family. My biological father was (is) an alcoholic so mom left him when I was an infant. I had stereotypical redneck family on both sides (Klan members, etc). Mom met USAF guy, got married and he adopted me (for military benefits). New dad taught me manners, treated me like his son my entire life. Basically raised me with morals.

I joined military in 1988, got married right away and started my own family. As an E-2 thru E-4, we qualified for food stamps but didn't apply (Even when we could have used it, we never took a handout if we didnt need it). Instead of leeching off Uncle Sam we would buy hamburger meat and cut the pound in half and add noodles or rice with our portion. My wife and I learned how to stretch a dollar to it's tearing point, but we never did without. We did take advantage of WIC but only for the formula and cereal for the kids). My kids all wore hand-me-downs and Walmart brand stuff. My wife worked many different jobs and even took a job as a secretary at the local college so that I could get my college education at a reduced price (a perk of her job).

We bounced a couple of checks, and I wrecked a couple of Harley's in drunken stupors over the last 20-something years, but we stuck with each other and worked at this marriage because we didn't agree with the disposable families we watched fall apart around us. We both have skeletons in our closets (I have 2 closets worth) and we don't pretend to be a perfect couple in public. We have stashed a dollar away here and there over the years (when we could afford it) and now don't have to cut packs of hamburger meat in half. We aint rich, but we aint poor anymore. We are living the American dream because we have built our own dream. Nothing was given to us and we like it that way.

The point of this is that if an alcoholic redneck and a Southern girl who couldn't boil a pot of water can end up like we have, then anyone can...and if you choose not too, then don't come whining to me looking for a handout. And that my friends is exactly what Mr. Obama wants to do.


Anonymous said...

This is good, Paul. I think we have evolved into a state, with the media's assistance, where we somehow think we're "entitled" to something merely because the other guy has it.

The error of likening taxes - in their original form - to a "redistribution of wealth" so as to make Obama's case for him ... is that they simply aren't. UNTIL you mandate a payout to the "will-nots"

Of course we pay taxes. Our children go to school. Yes, I'm paying for MY child, YOU pay for YOURS, etc, etc. Now that they found that they can graft a bit of that money and funnel it over *here* (inner city, no tax base, crime washed it out, etc), they think they solved the problem. Now the school *I* am paying for so *MY* kid can attend starts sucking wind. I ask you where all that money went, and you shrug your shoulders and say, "We need it for ...." Hey, pal, that's not what I paid for!

I think that scenario is what has people boiling. And it didn't just start with BO ... it's just gonna get worse with him in the 'House.

your "rant" was well taken here, my friend.

Pacific Texan said...

Aloha Paul,

100% agree with you Paul. I'm glad I'm not crazy. I'm still pissed that the media is giving BO a free pass. I'm surprised that BO has not recommended printing more money so everyone can be a millionaire, and everyone can feel better about themselves.

okay later Dude

VoteNovember2008 said...

Amen brother! BO is digging away at the foundation of your ivory tower and that SOB (pardon my french) thinks he's doing all of us a big favor! Great post!

If you need anyone to assist you in replacing your foundation in four years (if BO wins and that is still an if in my mind) give me a shout, I would be honored to assist you for your service to our Great Nation and the dedication that you have made to your family.

Stay strong, keep the faith and remember that every day is one day at a time. Never lose sight of your hopes and dreams! Anything worth having is worth WORKING for. If you don't work for you it you really don't appreciate it.

Admiration to you sir, VN8

MomThatsNuts said...

I skip a few days and your all popular!!!

Glad there are others who are finding you as awesome as I already know you are!!!


Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! I had to work 3 jobs at a time and still never missed anything at my son's school or any of his activities. I learned to live off cooked cabbage, soups, casseroles to make the meals last longer.
My son rec'd reduced lunches at school but thats it. There's nothing wrong with hard work.. some are just allergic to it.
They have been raised with the "you owe me something attitude without working for it".

GREAT blog!

Chris said...

Well said brother.