Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well it's been almost a year since I posted on here. I wonder if anybody even sees this anymore. Leave me a note if you see this. Happy new year to everyone who might run across this post.


Cinema Sweetheart said...

Hello :) Just passing through and found your blog. Happy New Year :)

MomThatsNuts said...

Im still here are you guys doing??? I am Tammy ArmyMom on facebook now...had to hide from my kids...they boys are still in the stan...scary stuff over there you know....tell the family hello!!

monica said...

i saw this!! :) stumbled on it at random!!hehhee:) good day

Anonymous said...

I see it! I think you should keep blogging (if you ever see this) now that Blogger has advanced. See ya!

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1904 Blogger said...

yea some of us still use this

KD said...

I think this right

Nerd said...

happy new year (: said...

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Kit Bleu said...

hey Paul- Got your blog just through hitting the "Next Blog" arrow...and Happy New Year to you too....

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Matt said...

I just stumbled through.

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PhillieG said...

Hey Paul, I don't use this often at all, just passing through. I see the spammers found you :-)
Hope all is well said...

Azwar Imran said...

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Shafiq Shahin said...

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jazz said...

;phil; said...

Hey Paul. I don't use blogger much but have been thinking of firing it back up. Not sure if you remember Mr. Sprock (John) but he recently started again.
Hope all is well dude. I'm still hanging in there ��