Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It's Tuesday night here in Wichita Falls, TX. and I still haven't found the meaning of life. I'm too tired to read this really cool book called the flower of life, or drive across town to my practice pad to play my drums. I have to be at the gym at 6:00am and drag myself through another workout. I managed to muddle my way through another day today.

I haven't practiced the drums in a week. How can I expect to be a rock star if I don't practice. Seriously though I do want to play out within the next year and I really need to stick with it (plus I'm paying 88 bucks a month to rent the room where my drums are).

Eric Singer is my inspiration that keeps me pounding on the drums. He plays with KISS, Alice Cooper, ESP and others. He is a super nice guy who always answers emails.

Well it's late and I'm tired... Sleep well... Your Air Force is...


;phil; said...

Hi Paul, Nice site. It looks like it's in it's infancy and off to great start.
Here's a quote that I really like.
"I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive."
Joseph Campbell

I am also a musician of sorts. I play guitar (some banjo, even less mandolin) but I couldn't quit my day job. I love playing! My wife is a musican too, a violinist and singer. She has a jazz trio she put together and is really starting to get some gigs. She also has a classical wedding trio too. I have another Blog that is more of a happier one, I use my Chemo Chronicles to get some of the dark stuff out. If you fell like visiting my other Blog, here it is.

;phil; said...

PS: Rock on dude!
Keep playing!

Paul (rock star wanna be) said...

Thanksfor the kind words. I just created this blog last night. I really enjoy your blog and have bookmarked it. Again, thank you for the positive and kind words.