Sunday, July 31, 2005

I wasn't in the obituaries this morning...Way cool!

Ahh Sunday mornings... Er, well a quick glimpse of the clock shows it to be 12:34pm. For some reason I love Sundays. I'm sitting here jamming Cheap Trick's "silver" DVD. Those guys are such a tight band. Very good stuff! My new bird approves too as she is chirping pretty good to "If you want my love, you got it".

This weekend has been a very low keyed weekend. Some late night drumming at the jam pad on Friday night, yesterday we took a trip to the pet store for two new family members (2 parakeets) and this morning I went to a morning meeting to see a bunch of drunks. I really like the Sunday morning meetings because they are small and the regulars are there for the real deal. There are no egos, politically correctness Nazi's, or any other of that other crap. Sure we bull shit, but it's truthful bullshit and we can tell each other it's bullshit without getting bent out of shape.

Anyway, we will wrap up the weekend this evening with a trip to the water park. The kids will have a blast and I'll try to keep the sun from burning off the couple hundred dollars worth of new ink on my back......

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