Saturday, July 30, 2005

Time keeps on ticking

Two posts in a day? Technically no. It's after midnight. I'm not tired because my adrenalin is still flowing from playing drums. I didn't play all that long tonight because I was getting a Creepy vibe from the building tonight. My drum pad is located in the oldest part of town inside of an old building that was a hotel in the 40's. There are some businesses on the street level that close at 5, and my friend Chris lives below the street level in what was the flop house back in the hotels hey day. I'm the only tenant on the 2nd floor, and the 3rd floor has never been renovated. Chris took me up to the 3rd floor and let me walk around once. It was even spooky during the day. It would be a perfect place to shoot a scary movie or a "Hotel California" type of music video.

Anyway, the building is very spooky at night. Supposedly there is a little girl's ghost that sits on the stairs going up to the second floor. At night, I always unlock the stairwell door and yell up the stairs that I'm coming up to play drums and wait a sec before I head up. I've never seen her, and don't really want to. But some times I do get a weird vibe while I'm up there playing. When I do, I just leave. I can't concentrate if I try to stay. That was the case tonight.

My whole visit started off odd. Like I said, the place is in the oldest part of town, and it's not uncommon for me to run across homeless people and an occasional prostitute while entering and leaving the place. So tonight as I'm arriving at about 11:30pm, I see a nicely dressed elderly couple walking down the street. I watch them turn and walk down an alley. I go into the building and lock the glass door behind me. I open the stairwell door and do my ritualistical shout up the stairs, go up and go into my jam pad. I look out the window down to where I saw the elderly couple go. After a few minutes of staring into the night, I suddenly realize that I should go back down and run down the alley to make sure the old folks make it safely to their destination. So I haul butt down the stairs and get to the glass door that empties out onto the street. I go to open it and it's locked. Crap! I aint going back up to get my keys. I stand there looking out through the door and I start to get the weird vibe. I went back up and played for about 45 min and couldn't shake the vibe, so I bid the building a good night and came on home.

So here I find myself starting to wind down and getting a bit tired. I think I'll try to read some and then get some sleep.


Chelsea said...

i would of been kind of freaked out too, being there at night alone knowing that something could be there with me.

Wendy said...

Cool, if you see the little girl be sure to tell us. I love true ghost stories.

Chelsea said...

Then you could say one of the top 100 movie quotes and actually mean it, "I see dead people"