Sunday, September 18, 2005

I've been tagged too-- My Meme

From Phil ... A meme is considered to be a discrete idea that replicates itself, with the connotation that meme's replicate themselves and are propagated by people through social and technological networks. They are replicated through bloggers "tagging" other bloggers to complete the questions.
To set the stage...Songs I'm fully digging right now:
1) All of Pantera's Live 101 proof album
2) All of KISS Alive 3 album
3) I love John Mayers songs "Daughters" and "Bigger than my Body".

7 Answers to 7 Questions

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1) Stay sober.
2) Learn to play the drums better.
3) Travel with my wife and with kids to Disney World.
4) See my boys grow up to be good men.
5) See my Grandkids get old.
6) Become more Spiritual.
7) Retire and quit being part of the rat race I'm caught in

7 things I can do:

1) Fix an air conditioner
2) Act
3) Cook well
4) Make people laugh
5) Play the drums
6) Manage a team to complete tasks
7) Speak in public with relative ease

7 things I cannot do:
1) Sing
2) Read music well
3) I can't seem to finish reading a book
4) Carpentry
5) Keep it in if I'm mad at someone
6) Not procrastinate
7) Tolerate laziness

7 things that attract me to another person:

1) Attitude
2) Body (I know its shallow, but I'm a guy)
3) Being unselfish
4) Compassion.
5) A Voice
6) Eyes
7) Self confidence

7 things that I say most often:
1) “You're killing me”
2) "You arent going out untill your room is clean"
3) "How was school?"
4) The "F" bomb (too often)
5) "Maybe....we'll see" (When the kids ask to do something I have no interest in doing at the moment)
6) "Way to go Ace"
7) "2 yrs... just 2 more years" (I retire from the AF in Nov 2007)

7 celebrity crushes:
1) J-Lo - (Total package)
2) Tina Fey - (It's the glasses and she is such a smartass)--I agree Phil.. she's hot
3) Julia Louis-Dreyfuss - (great smile and hair)
4) Shikira - (Wow... all I have to say is Wow)
5) Gweneth Paltrow - (Love her eyes and smile)
6) Linda Carter - (I even had a thing for the comic book Wonder woman when I was young)
7) Lita Ford - (She was a badass rocker chick in the 80's, and still looks great)

7 bloggers I'm tagging:
1) momthatsnuts
2) david

Well, thats all the bloggers I know

Phil, thank you ;-)


:phil: said...

Paul, Great to see you back. We have many similar tastes! Cool MeMe

MomThatsNuts said...

Hey Paul,

my dad loves linda too! did you go back and find my list???? I can repost it if you want...


Paul (rock star wanna be) said...

Ok mom.. I found your list... Ehhh, I suppose you're off the hook. :)

Dave said...

I finally played. I'm a little I'm sure you already assumed. :)

MPD said...

Oh yaaaaaaaaa Lita Ford. What teenage boy in the 80's didn't have a crush on her?? Man I dug her, still do cuz shes still hot. She married the lead singer from Nitro, Jim Gillette is his name, very rad dude and amazing singer