Wednesday, September 07, 2005

On your mark......Get set......DON'T GO!!!!!!!!

We are not deploying to support the hurricane recovery. We found out today at about 4:00pm. We weren't given a reason other than "we weren't needed at this time". The commander gave us the standard pep talk about how proud he was of us and blah blah blah. The majority of the 25 of us had never deployed, so they were all puppy dog eyed while the commander was stroking our egos.

Those of us that have been around the block a time or two just kind of looked around and gave each other the old "bull shit smile". But at the same time I think we looked at each of our young counterparts who we would have been responsible for, had we deployed, like an old hound would look at a young pup after its first successful hunt. My 5 guys really got it together quick.

So now that we are not going, I have several performance reports on subordinates that will pass their suspense. I procrastinated all along, and the past 4 days gearing up for my deployment did not allow me to devote much time to them. If I could change anything about me it would be my confounded procrastinating.

So on a brighter note; I returned to the music store today (I didn't work yesterday due to meetings with my AF commitment). I called my boss yesterday at lunch and informed him I couldn't come in and that it looked like I might not be back for awhile. This was a big deal because I've only been there for a month. So I called him today and told him we weren't going and that I could make it in if I still had a job. He laughed and said come on in. I love that job.

So to wrap up on a high note, I heard from my mom today. They Live in Ocean Springs, Ms (city East of Biloxi). According to her, their house only had slight damage. Their privacy fence is gone and some shingles are missing, but other than that everything else is good. PLUS they have running water, electricity and phone.

My mom has always been a very spiritual person. At times I thought she would go overboard with religion and the whole faith and spirituality thing. But I will say that all sorts of out of the ordinary things have always happened to her. She always says it's God doing it...and it's not my place to say any different. I love my mom and dad, and am very glad they weathered the hurricane like they did.


Wendy said...

well, practice, practice, practice. I used to date an Army guy, Lt., he had his bags packed three different times during the first Iraqi war. Just when they said "GO!" the war was won and it was all over. All that spent emotion for naught.

I am glad you won't have to see the horror, working at the music store will be much funner. ;)

MomThatsNuts said...

Whew you get to sit down after all!! Good to hear about your mom and dad.....thanks for kind words. I will be better for HNT tomorrow!!


trish said...

Wow! You are all butch & shit! AF...woohoo!

jenbeauty said...

Practice makes perfect and the young guys needed to be prepared.

I am glad to hear your family was not hurt in this whole mess.

Monica said...

Ocean Springs is my home town!! Maybe we know eachother??