Tuesday, September 06, 2005

There's a bustle in my hedgerow and I'm alarmed now

First off, apologies to momthatsnuts for launching into a post while commenting over at her place. I just started writing about my crappy day, and all of a sudden it got good to me.

Not much to report about the hurricane situation. I've received several emails and phone calls from people I don't know, looking for people in my extended family or my wife's family. A close cousin of mine managed to get a cell signal out Saturday and got through to me. He is in Long Beach, Ms. (West of Biloxi by about 15 miles). He told me that supplies were getting in to where he was at. He said that the entire town looks like a bomb went off. He said there are people's personal effects everywhere you look. There are pictures, and personal property strewn all over the place.

My unit is still in a "holding pattern" for our deployment to the hurricane area. Today we had a couple of meetings and brought our bags in so that we could verify that everyone was packed and had enough clothes and toiletries. They told us there is a chance we may not even go now because the reserves and guards are starting to spin up (You may remember from Govt class that the federal gov cant/wont act until the state has used its resources). We are waiting to make sure all state resources are being used before we go in. I don't believe that, but that's what they told us today.

And to make things worse, I heard the news that Bob Denver passed away last Friday. I loved (and still do) Gilligans Island and Dobie Gillis. So many icons from my childhhod are dieing. Well, I've worked myself into a crappy mood just since I've started this post. I'm depressed about my weight gain, so I'm finishing my second bowl ice cream at 10:30.

So, I better get to bed. Tomorrow is a PT day which means I'll be on the road by 5:45 am.


jenbeauty said...

I love Gilligans Island...I too am bummed at Bob's passing.

MomThatsNuts said...

Ahh Paul,

Im afraid my piss poor mood DID rub off on someone...Im sorry!! You never have to apologize to me!! We are friends, friends sometimes VENT...lol I live in a house full of men, theres nothing you could do or say that would easily offend me...
Yeah, sad about Bob Denver...I feel so old...my kids barely know who he is...STAND DOWN already..or UP,,, or whatever...lol you know what I mean..


Wendy said...

yep, I loved Gilligan and the beatnik he played on Doby Gillis..

:phil: said...

He was everyone's Lil' Buddy. And I remember Maynard G. Grebbs too.
Christ I'm old....