Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well.. at least I wasn't in the obituaries this morning

I am on the down hill side of "flu like symptoms". Two days this week I've had to call in at 7:30 and ask if I can come in at 1:00pm, so I can get some extra sleep. My throat is on fire, my head is splitting, and I have no energy. I'm fortunate to have a good boss in my Air Force career. I also called in at the music store today. I really feel like shit.

In my last post I mentioned that I've been in a funk lately. A lot of my regular visitors offered some great encouragement. I want to thank them all. I know this will be a temporary deal.

I stopped at the drum store where my drum instructor (and mentor) works. I told him about the funk I've experencing and my lack of spiritual enlightenment. He gave me some really sage advice. Today has been the first time in weeks I've had a chance to visit with him. Since I've gotten the job at the music store, I always rush home. I used to stop at his drum store every day after work. It was a way for me to unwind after work every day. I miss that now.

One of the blogs I enjoy is
addict's. In her recent post, she tells about an experience she had visiting a medium. It is a great post, and got me thinking about my quest for higher knowledge of spirituality that I started a few months ago. Lately I've made no strive what so ever to persue my quest. Therefore, I think some of the funk I'm in is the result of my lack of motivation. The picture above is of some artwork on my back. The Egyption symbols weave a story about life. I still need to get my 3 childrens name put on each point of the ankh, and I would like to get a scarab underneath the ahnk to complete the theme.

I hope to pull out of this rut I'm in and get back to my spiritual quest.


MomThatsNuts said...

Good luck on your spiritual quest Paul, I had a spiritual path, but I am just sitting on the side of the road taking everything in for now. Dont get me wrong I pray plenty, but I stopped attending services on a regular basis about a year ago. Someday I will go back, but not today, today is Wed by the way not Sunday. I love your tats. Oh and the reason you love Addict is because she is so much like but really I love that should have HER do the rest of your tats, if you wanna go clear to bumblefart washington or wherever she lives....You will get defunked here soon I hope, I hope we all do. My funk is on its way out since the boy got a job, except now I have to share my car which I hate doing but oh well whattaya gonna do? ok now I have to run over to Emilys blog and see what your talking

Wendy said...

that is why it is called "quest" and not drive thru takes time and effort. lows and highs.

addict said...

Wendy and Mom are both so smart!!
Everything ebbs and flows, it's the natural course of things...
Sometimes I "fake it till I make it" (you know, when your body goes through the moves till your brain get's into it)... other times I get into my own grove till something slaps me upside the head and knocks me back on track... there's been alot of head slapping in my world lately!

I am so glad you left a comment when you stopped by! I'll be back again :)


addict said...

That's Bumblefart, Oregon BTW! ;)