Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday mornings rock (part II)

Once again I find myself fortunate enough to open my eyes to another Sunday morning. This is my favorite day of the week, and fall is my fave season. I hope all of you are having a great Sunday (especially you Momthatsnuts).

Well, I didn't get to the concert. My ticket source didn't come through. No big deal. About 7:00pm I started feeling very bad. I've still had a cough left over from a cold 3 weeks ago. Last night I thought I was gonna die. I went to bed about 9:00 with a bad fever. This morning, I feel run down and have a headache. But, I feel much better than last night.

So yesterday at the music store, I made an ass out of myself. I will be apologizing when I go in tomorrow. Here's the deal;

Last Saturday I sold $450.00 worth of stage monitors to a church. We didn't have the speakers in our store, but our Amarillo store had them. The guy wanted them by yesterday, so I had them transferred to our store. They got to us Wed. So yesterday I got to work and I noticed the monitors are still in our holding area. I went into the computer to call on the customer to see if they are going to pick them up. Well, I noticed that the church's account has a zero balance on it, and that the speakers are not being held for them.

So I think maybe the guy changed his mind. I called him up to ask if everything is still a go. He says yea, that he just hasn't had time to drive over (he's 60 miles away), but yes he still wants them.

So now I get upset. Keep in mind that our individual sales are tracked, and we make commission. You see, we have a guy that is our "pro audio" guy. He doesn't do much other than sell big ticket items. He wont get off his ass to come help when the store is busy. While we are ringing up hundreds of small transactions up front, he sits on his ass and waits for someone to come in to our pro audio room to buy expensive mixers, amps and stuff.

I don't know all the features of every thing we sell, so I usually pass customers to him if they are looking for a mixer. But I do know about speakers, so I helped this guy with these monitors. I did have to ask a couple of questions during the sale, but I did 90% of the sale.

So, I think this guy manipulated the computer to erase my sale so that if the guy came in he could ring up the monitors under his id #.

I only work for 1hr a day during the week, and Saturdays I'm there all day. I think he didn't count on the speakers still being at the store on Saturday. I know he didn't count on me digging into this as deep as I did.

I blew up in front of all the employees and made my suspicions clear. I didn't accuse him directly, but I did say that I suspected a fellow co-worker. He kept telling me to calm down that it was a computer glitch. However I kept a receipt of the original transaction. It has an invoice number and all. When you punch in that invoice number, it doesn't recognize it. I don't know how, but I think he went in and deleted the transaction all together.

This guy is a wizz on the store computer, because awhile back when the system went down and we were doing everything by hand, I made a bunch of mistakes and overcharged several people. When the computers came back up, he went in and manipulated the sales so that the drawer wouldn't come up over.

So anyway, I blew up and threatened to quit if I can substantiate any of my claim. I threatened to get physical too, Blah Blah Blah. I get so spun up and narrow minded. I'm glad my store manager, Bob wasn't in yesterday. Today I feel like a jackass and will make apologies all around tomorrow. Oh yea, my friday post said I had a 3 day weekend....nope, the music store wants me to work all day tomorrow since the USAF doesnt have me.... Oh well...


Beth said...

The guy sounds like a jerk ... taking sales and manipulating accounts in the computer. Not just a jerk, but dishonest. I don't like those kinds of things. I'm glad you feel better now, but he does seem hard to get along with when you can't even trust him!

MomThatsNuts said...

take him outside and kick his ass. I had a BIG fight with the Troll~ings AND the ETK, so I have been hiding in my room mostly. Somedays I really dont wanna be the mom....oh were right to back your self up with transaction recipts and stuff...


addict said...

Your only a jackass if you're wrong... it does sound suspicious, I'd have raised some hell too!
The trick (I've learned the hard way) is making your point without letting it get to you...
...and punching people isn't what is used to be, now they call the cops and stuff. Ahhh... the good 'ol days when you could teach someone a lesson and they sucked it up :)
Good luck!

Wendy said...

trust but verify. Could be a computer glich. Does this individual have a pattern of stealing commisions?

jenbeauty said...

I hope today is better. Blowing up and feeling foolish is always difficult to admit to. Kind of sounds like the guy was dishonest though. So that is a tough call. He is to a good week Paul!