Friday, October 07, 2005

A 3 day weekend for yours truly

Man......The weekend :)

I started off this morning skipping PT. I went to roll-call, but after it, I just walked out of the gym and drove to my shop and made a nice pot of coffee. I had a cup and headed back to the gym about 7:15 for a shower.

On my drive back to the gym, I listened to a CD of my good friend Roy S. Roy cut a CD a few years ago called rhythm and Cruise. Roy is one of the coolest guys I've ever met. He's a really great singer/songwriter. His original stuff has a bluesy/jazz vibe to it. I had the pleasure of doing sound for him when he played the NCO clubs in Korea.

He has the sweetest sounding guitar that I've ever heard. It's an old Gibson J-50 with a fischman pickup mounted under the sound board . The neck on it is so old, it feels like it has splinters when you run your hand down it. He let me play it during a sound check one day. I strummed a few chords while he dialed in the PA. It sounded like angels singing.

Roy does a version of Hendrix's "Little Wing" that just blows my mind. That guitar and Roy's raspy voice go together so very perfectly on that song. My favorite memories of Korea are of hanging with Roy.

I took the day off from the music store today and went to visit with my drum instructor at his music store. We talked about cymbals. I cannot seem to find a brand of cymbals that I'm 100% happy with. He laughed and said that this is a common problem for drummers. He told me I should just calm down and focus on my techniques. He said that when I'm ready, the right cymbals will find their way onto my kit. He's so zen like...

I just got a call from my boss at my 3rd job. I've been a roadie at our local coliseum for the last year. 3 Doors Down, Saliva, and Alterbridge are playing here tomorrow night. He calls the night before and wants me to work the show. Nope, I got free tickets and me and wifey are gonna go. He usually calls a week in advance to offer me the gig. I can get off from the USAF and the music store, but I need the advance notice. What's he thinking calling the night before???

Anywho y'all... I'm gonna get my PJ's on and drive across town to the jam pad to play drums. Yes, I go over in my PJ's. Who am I trying to impress?? The homeless guys get a kick out of me and the prostitutes just look at me funny. I love playing barefoot and in my night clothes. It's cool playing naked too, but I digress.....


Alekx said...

At least you didn't go to PT in your PJ's
Hope you have a super duper 3 day weekend.

I stoped by from Mom that nuts blog
Hope you don't mind

Enjoy the free tickets.

Paul (rock star wanna be) said...

Hi Alekx,
Thanks for stopping by. You're welcome here any time...

Wendy said...

three day weekend. Wonderful. I hope you enjoy it. And, thank you for the image of you drumming naked...that will stick with me for a while. ;)

Paul (rock star wanna be) said...

Welcome Wendy :)