Saturday, December 17, 2005

Just what the doctor ordered!!!!

Four of us got together tonight for a late night jam session. I havent hit the skins in so long and it really showed. My drumming sucked. We did have a high point in that we put together a rough draft of a song. We have no lyrics yet, but the music is pretty much complete. The song sounds like something 3 doors down would do. It's kind of a somber sounding groove.
It was absolutly amazing how quick we put it together. Jason (the skinny guy in the cammo hat)started playing a chord progression and Jeff (white shirt/black beanie) did some lead kind of riff over the top of it. It flowed so well that at first, I thought it was something they had heard before. It came together instantly and really sounded nice and heavy. They did it a couple of times and gave the chord progression to Mark (bassist).

I added a 16th note rock groove to it and wha-lah. I'm really excited about doing something with it. We did it 3 times and worked on all the changes. We had some confusion about how long the verse and chorus were to be played so we agreed that the guys will put everything down on paper.

So It's 1:30 am and now I'm wide awake. I played for quite awhile without an earplug in my left ear tonight and now I'm paying for it. I hear a high pitched sound in that ear.

Man, I needed the jam to help me sluff off all the negative energy I've been stuck with. It's great to have this release. So I gotta hit the sack. I have to be at the music store at 9:30.


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boiledpnut said...

Hey mopey, quit moping! I tagged you (ages ago!) on my blog. Directions are to divulge 5 things at random about your person. Get on it!