Thursday, December 15, 2005

I think the name Scrooge fits just fine

Man...I'm in a foul, bitchy, and generally pissy mood. And to complicate things, I dont give a flying fuck who is on the reciving end of my tirades. Now I know there are family members who read this and they might be "disappointed" that I used profanity. Get the fuck over it...

Sometimes I have to be ugly to get all this crap out of me. If you read this and get offended, then dont read this anymore.

So Christmas is right around the corner and I'm not feeling it. Wife just called and is leaving her meeting going to get our Santa presents out of layaway. We are not going home to be with our parents this year because of the damage the hurricane has caused to the coast. Our families have others living with them and are busy trying to get their lives back in order. I just aint feeling Christmas. I must add, that I am very greatful for my 3 boys and my wife. They are all healthy and I'm greatful for that.

Work is pissing me the fuck off. I know I'm the one who raised my hand and volunteered to sign the dotted line, but the military has changed so much in the past few years. I swear to God that some of the upper leadership in my unit is so consumed with their own careers, they dont have a clue about common sense.

I just dont know if I can keep my fat mouth shut another 2 years. I swear that if I dont, I'll end up getting my ass booted out. I WANT TO RETIRE!!!!! OK, repeat after me... Paul keep your trap shut...keep your trap shut.

OK next subject to bitch about...Lack of drum playing. As it is now, I usually only get to the jam pad 2 times a month anymore. I pay $87 bucks a month to be able to sit behind my kit twice a month. When I first started renting the place, I was there 2-3 times a week. Now my lazy ass just comes home from job #2 and surfs the net till it's time to go to bed. I then get up the next morning and rush my fat ass to the gym and listen to ass-wipes lead us through PT.

Then it's off to work where shit always seems to break down at the worst time possible. The guys that work for me are all go getters (for the most part) and do a good job keeping our part of the base up and running. I'm just sick and tired of being a manager and doing HVAC work. I just want to go to a job and work. I dont want to manage shit. Thats why I enjoy working at the music store.

I 'm sick and tired of the burning in my stomach every morning when I'm driving into work. I'm sick of having to speed home after work to get out of my uniform and change clothes so I can haul ass to the music store. I'm sick and tired of my back hurting. I'm sick and tired of all the bullshit going on in the world, I'm sick and tired of being a whiney little bitch...

I'll turn 40 in 5 days. My wife says I'm going through a mid life crisis. I dont know if thats the case or not, but I feel like I want to rip someones head off and shit down their neck.

Out for now,


boiledpnut said...

Yikes. I was in such a bad mood a few weeks ago that I annoyed myself. Thankfully I snapped out of it... you will too. Damn holidays are stressful.

Chaos_Controller said...

It's the customers! Fucking hostile, mean spirited and cranky. And they're all supposed to be on holiday. WTF?
I'm in music retail too, check out my blog:

Ha ha, similar page setups too! Get to the drumkit, dude. I play (guitar) EVERY night now just to stay cool. Play for at least 30min before even GREETING the wife. Keeps fights to a minimum too.