Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Life is not too "F-ing" bad

I bought the new KISS Rock the Nation DVD today. It's not too bad. There are a couple of old tunes that havent been in set lists for years. The camera work is on the video is really good. Anyway, it's not their worst video. If ya dig them, check it out.

So I called my sponsor tonight. I havent spoke to my sponsor in probably two months. I just quit calling him, and really cut back on the number of meetings I was attending. I went to the Sunday morning meeting this past Sunday and one of the old timers came right out and told me I was "dry as a popcorn fart".

People in recovery know what "dry" is. There's a difference between dry and sober. I wont try to explain my prgram here. I just know the last 3 years have been great, and I dont want to run the risk of ruining it, so I must get back into my program.

So we are supposed to have another jam session this Friday night. I cant wait. I gotta get through PT tomorrow morning and a huge run Thursady morning. I hate these runs. Once a month the entire base gets together and we run in our respective squadron formations. It's a real pain in the ass.

Well....thats about all I got to say....- Peace-


MomThatsNuts said...

Im done with school now, so I start back at the gym hard and heavy. I want to lose at LEAST 50 pounds before August. I am hoping to be in shape to do a RUN...so at least you CAN run...I can walk....fast...lol


boiledpnut said...

huge run?
huge run?

what'd'ya say?

Did someone say RUN??

heh heh (sorry for my Pavlovian response... I'm still on my runner's high, I suppose)