Saturday, January 28, 2006

No NTCB today. I drug my pity pot out instead

I just don't feel like fucking with the game tonight. I'm sitting here trying to mellow out with a Little Feat DVD. The past 24hrs have been a fucking nightmare in my house.

Last night I didn't get home from my USAF job till after 7. We installed a new AC unit in a critical facility that had to be completed in one day. My ace civilian jumped on it yesterday morning and had everything piped up and ready to fire off the new unit about 4:00 yesterday. When we threw the switch, a circuit board "popped". We spent time trying to make sure our electrical installation was correct. After we checked and rechecked our work we chalked it up to a bad board from the factory.

Our next dilemma was that we could not leave this building down over the weekend. We went to another (less critical) building and robbed the board from its unit. We finally got our unit running about 7:00pm last night.

So I get home about 7:30 and the house is a wreck (its usual fashion). I know my wife works and gets the kids taken care of but I cant stand a dirty house. I didn't say anything about the clean laundry on the couch, I just moved it and sat down. My wife could tell I didn't like that, so immediately you can feel the tension in the air.

About 9:00pm I walked back to my oldest sons room, and the smell coming from his room liked to knock me over. It smelled like a locker room. I stuck my head in and noticed clothes on the floor and his shelves were kind of cluttered. He had a couple of shirts hanging up on his shelves where the wife usually hangs his clean shirts. I told him to put them away and asked about the foul odor I kept smelling. I got the typical 14 yr old rolling of the eyes and a "I DONT KNOW". So I looked under his bed and there are dirty socks and other stuff. I lost it. I screamed and yelled and threatened. I now realize that I over reacted. But, I've told that boy on many occasions that I am sick and tired of finding dirty clothes shoved under the bed.

Anyway, I made him cry and I hate that I did that, but I cant take living in a fucking pig pen of a house. So then my wife starts in on me about raising hell so late and I opened my mouth to her. The result was that I slept on the couch last night. I will probably do the same tonight.

I know I have a very sharp tongue and can be an asshole, but I work two fucking jobs and do all the typical dad stuff in between. All I want is a spotless fucking house once in awhile. Is that too much to ask for???

Now I realize I am gonna catch some shit for this philosophy. Someone is going to comment and tell me to get off my ass and help out. That's cool... Bring it on.


MomThatsNuts said...


Did you know I would have something to say?? LOL dont worry Im not gonna bust your balls man. The ETK works in an OPERATING room. It is sterile. It is always clean. HE never has to do a damn thing. It is always cool in there (temp wise) there is a nurse at his beck and call to pick up, bring him something whatever he wants. Then he comes home. We are just regular people. My house is not spotless by any means. DrumTroll~ings room smelled bad too. I helped him clean it and now its better, I never did find what was smelling, just HIM I point is, the ETK and I have clearly drawn BOUNDRIES...I dont TOUCH the outside. I dont touch the pool, I dont touch the yard. He does that. It is his DOMAIN. I get the house. Sometimes his clothes are on the bed (where I pile the clean clothes until they get folded and put away) HE has learned to be grateful that at least they are CLEAN because some days thats all I can do. There is NO EXCUSE especially with kids old enough, for your house to EVER get FILTHY. May I make a suggestion. Dont suggested to your wife TODAY, but in the future this may be something you could look at. We have what I call a "housecleaning Party" I write down everything that needs to be done. I break it down into smaller parts. For example, I put down, scrub toilet in upstairs bathroom, unload dishwasher, fold one load of laundry. THAT way, no one feels like they have to clean the WHOLE kitchen or whatever. Then I print the list, cut it apart and put it in a bowl. You take turns picking out of the bowl and you have 10 minutes to get it done. If your done sooner you get to rest. If you take too long, everyone hollars and tells you to hurry up. THEN you go get ice cream or do something FUN and you have a clean house. I do feel like because the ETK works 120 hours a pay period that he should NOT have to come home and clean house. He does help SOMETIMES. But I do feel like the kids and I should do it, since we are the ones here most often. I dont know if your wife works, but there needs to be a little more team work it sounds like, cuz making kids cry is NOT COOL. Im sorry you have to sleep on the couch. That sucks, but the underlying problem needs attention. You have to understand that YOU are not the ONLY one that gets tired or stress or cranky, and try to be a little more sensitive. Its not easy to be home with the kids all day every day, day in and day out. It can be mind will get this figured out, remember your a TEAM and the important thing is to teach your children how to be GREAT adults.....
see, that wasnt so bad was it???

Wendy said...

I don't know dude, can't relate since I am working nearly 60 hours a week, have a spotless house, just nursed a cripple injured dog into a healthy one...bought the paint to cover the graffiti some punk covered my wall in, the furnace broke last night, taking care of it, paid bills at midnight last night, got up went to work...I don't know. I'm fucking tired as all shit, have NO ONE to help me and I just threw a birthday party for my sister and just took out the last of the trash so MY house will be spotless...don't know man, can't relate.

Wendy said...

oh, did I mention I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown and cried for 2 hours this morning...yeah, it sucks, but if I only had someone to help...

boiledpnut said...

Do your best and ask that those around you try to do their best as well. That's about all we can hope for. Everyone gets overwhelmed from time to time.

Gil said...

Hey Paul,

Sorry to hear about the domestic issues. My advise is when everything has calm down (when youre all in a happy mood) talk to everyone in your household about their share of responsibilities. Good communication is essential.