Monday, January 30, 2006

Should I stay or should I go (Sung to the tune from The Clash)

My jam pad roomie and I have found a much bigger (and nicer) jam pad (I took the pic tonight). We've reached an agreement with the landlord on price and rules of engagement for use of the space. The place is only a block away from our current jam pad. This new place is actually a store front on a main street. The proximity is still in the "older" part of town, so the usual street people and prostitutes will still grace us with their presence.

The storefront is an office for a local rich real estate guy. He is older and very eccentric, but very nice. He likes the fact that we are military, and by us playing at nights, we provide security for his property which has a large warehouse in the back.

Aside from conducting business with someone I just met, the only other reservation I have about the deal is that there isn't an active security system in the place. There is a "dummy" control pad and "dummy" security cameras visible from the front windows. My current jam pad doesn't have security features either, but you have to get through 3 locked doors and up two flights of stairs to get to or equipment. Plus my drum instructor lives in the basement at my current jam pad.

I just hope this works out. This new place is much bigger, very much nicer (there is a refrigerator for us), is heated and cooled and the owner will be there every morning to conduct his business. With him there in the mornings and us there in the evenings, everything should be secure. This should be a win/win situation.

We move in Friday and plan to jam Fri night. More pics to follow.


MomThatsNuts said...

If you go there will be trouble, but if you stay, it will be double!!! Hope it works out!!


Wendy said...

yeah, but are there ghost?!

Paul (rock star wanna be) said...

Hiya ladies,
This building doesnt have the cool ghost stories that go along with it.

However, it also doesnt have two flights of stairs to go up and down either :)

Gil said...

Hey Paul,

Good for you man. But make sure have the security system installed. You will have peace of mind for sure.


boiledpnut said...

You need to do a podcast of a jam session. That'd be sweet!