Sunday, February 26, 2006

How can the chicks not dig me?

So as of yet not a single guess on this weeks game of NTCD...Check the post below and give it a shot.

Ayway, check this picture out. As some of you (and my local friends) know, I go out late at night to play drums and jam with others at the jam pad.

Some of my friends ask if my wife ever gets jealous or may not believe me when I tell her I'm going out late at night to go play music. I tell them that my wife trusts me because I believe we have a strong marriage. Plus, where else would I go dressed like this. If I have my way, I'll be buried in sweats and an old concert T-shirt. If we ever start gigging, it's gonna be hard to play in street clothes.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Gil said...

Hey Paul,

That is a HOT looking shirt man.
You look cool indeed :)
Have a great week ahead.


MomThatsNuts said...


That shirt rocks my socks off. I just watched this music thing about Gene and his new videos and new album and they did this big KISS was awesome...made me think of you~~


MPD said...

Paul....did ya see MY guess for NTCD yet ??

Princess Lo said...


Wendy said...

the white socks make the outfit...
too cool.

mr. schprock said...

Oh, come on! That's your old prom photo!