Sunday, December 23, 2007

Where have I been ya ask???

Alot has happened in the past 9 months since I quit posting on here. I retired from the Air Force, my brother and I rode our Harley's 3,200 miles on my "Retirement Run", I've been through 3 different jobs since July and I've put on 15 pounds already since I left the AF.

Mom, I suppose you are the only one that may be reading this. I'll be adding a link to your blog soon. I had to update my template and it wiped everything out.

So anyway, as I was setting my Blogspot back up I was thinking about why I quit using it almost a year ago. The short answer is.....Myspace. I was spending more and more time on my MS profile and less time here. Well, I kinda got out of control with the Myspace thing, and finally shut it down.

On the job front:
I left the Air Force in July because I had about 90 days of leave saved up. I collected an active duty paycheck until the end of October. I immediately took a job in July as a customer service rep for a local branch of the Carrier Corp. I was making a nice salary, but I was also putting in 12hrs a day. The phone NEVER stopped ringing and the emails NEVER stopped coming. I felt trapped and chained to a desk. That was a far cry from the service call work I had done for the past 20 yrs in the AF. So...I quit.

Next, I went to work for the local Harley dealership as the Safety officer, the Riders Edge program manager and I also got trained to be a service writer. Within my first month, I was sent to Milwaukee to the Harley Davidson "mother ship" for training. Now I loved working for the dealership. The only problem was that they didn't pay well at all. Well, about a month ago, I got a phone call from my civilian boss at the Air Force base. He was able to add a civilian slot to his manning document and offered me the job. So, I reluctantly gave my notice at the Harley shop and have been a WG-10 for about 2 weeks now.

I just had my 42nd birthday on Dec 20th. I'm an old man who doesn't really know where I'm going in life now. I just keep working, riding my Harley and putting money in the bank so that one day when I figure out what it's all about, I'll be able to enjoy life.

Well, that's about it for now. Mom that's nuts will probably be the only person to read this far, so hiya mom......


Wendy said...

Glad you are back! I just pulled your link about a month ago. Give me time and I will stick it back up! merry Christmas, glad you are well and RETIRED!

MomThatsNuts said...

Hiya Hun~~

So you didnt mention the wife and kids...are you solo these days??
What happened with your move to Bartlette?? Dont worry about being 42 and not knowing what you want to do when you grow up, in case you didnt notice, I became a grandmother ( well the baby was part of the package) but she is pregnant and I am going to be a REAL grandmother....good lord

I am glad to see you and HEY didnt I warn you about that my space??


MomThatsNuts said...

Someday you will have to tell me about your myspace troubles, I hear it can cause alot of trouble thats why I let all my boys have one!! lol