Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nothing in particular

So I don't have anything in particular to say, but I feel obliged to post here goes:

On the job front:
It's very odd being a civilian back in my old shop. It's not bad, but just odd. The Airmen don't quite know how to act around me yet. They still call me "Sergeant W". I've had to tell them on several occasions to call me Paul. It's kinda funny too because I'm now working for the guy that used to work for me. Also, during the weekly safety meetings, the military bosses will complain about the stupid things going on, and I just smile. I just go to work and put a good 8 hours in and at 4:30 I leave it all behind. It is sooo nice to not have the stress of the military on me any more.

My phone doesn't ring in the middle of the night anymore, I don't have to get up at 5am and go to the gym to listen to some idiot scream because I'm not "sounding off" and I don't have to listen to any body's bullshit about "how it's gonna be". The best part of my military career was the day I retired.

On the home front:
My kids made out like bandits for Christmas. I think this was the best Christmas ever. My wife and I bought them everything they asked for. X-box 360, a pro skateboard, PSP, Rip-Stick...just everything. Every one's healthy and we have a good bit of money in the bank. I need to do some home repairs, but it's too cold for that, so I'll be shifting it into high gear when spring hits.

On the age front:
I turned 42 on Dec 20th. In my mind I feel like I did 10 years ago. However, my body is sore in the mornings after a hard day of work. I have difficulty pulling myself up at work if I have to jump on top of piping in a mechanical room, and overall I feel sluggish. It very well could be the 15 pounds that I've gained since July. I'm now up to 215lbs.

So that's about it. I'm really happy to be blogging again. I've even made contact with two of my old blogging buddies Mom and Wendy. So take it easy...


MomThatsNuts said...

I turned 44 honey! Plus I have a GRAND child on the way...good grief!!

so how are you REALLY doing? How is your drumming and music going??

I am about as happy as I can be that the holidays are over. Things for me are about the same, working, got a raise so thats good..not much else same old same old with the boys and the ETK...grrrrr


:phil: said...

Hey Paul,
Thanks for stopping by. Glad to see that things are going well for you and the family. Our kids made out OK too. I got a Wii for them (on eBay, I know, I'm nuts) but it's worth it to see them happy. Dylan is still drumming so that's cool. We are able to jam a bit lately too. I'm playing a lot more myself. Glad to hear you are out from the service. Just saw Charlie Wilson's War tonight - great movie.
BTW, I hit the big 50 back in september

MomThatsNuts said...


I hope you have a wonderful new year, filled with laughs and fun!!!

I just hope mine is filled with money and no stress, but with Cadet graduating and Crash leaving for the Army, I think I am going to cry alot....oh well I am a MOM afterall


Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy New Year.