Saturday, January 12, 2008

The kids are gone...what do we do?

Man the house is quiet. My oldest is at work and the two young ones are spending the night with friends. So what are wifey and I doing? Well, after 18 yrs of marriage, we aint doing the hokey-pokey like newly weds. Nope...she's sitting next to me in her new flannel PJ's and we're watching the Pat's and Jag's go toe to toe.

Instead of piddling on here, I should be practicing my guitar scales, but I digress. It's nice to have some alone time, but I don't like it when my kids aren't around.

Well, on second thought I'm gonna jam some guitar.... see ya....

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MomThatsNuts said...

I dont like it when the kids are gone either, of course when they are HERE its like they are gone because they hole up in their rooms and I dont see them anyway. On the upside, I got alot of cleaning and knitting done on the down swing no one is here to appreciate it!! Practicing guitar is always a great alternative to football!! Actually Drum got on the drums the other day and BOY can that boy play. He had some music of my brothers in and was drumming to it, it sounded awesome..yeah, the hokey pokey, I remember a little bit about that. VERY LITTLE....22 years of marriage will do that to ya~~