Saturday, January 19, 2008

Money money money money.....Monnnneeeyyy

Man I'm glad this week is over. It was a long one. OK, so I have a new business venture that I've begun with a fellow retiree from my AF days. He owns his own heating and AC company. I approached him with an idea to partner with me to establish maintenance agreements with businesses in town. I am beating the bushes and already have our first customer...the local Harley dealership. What we will do for these businesses is contract with them to change their AC filters and make adjustments to the belts that operate their fans for the AC equipment. The maintenance agreement will last for one year.

You and I usually only have one filter to change in our home and the filter is usually in a very easy spot to reach so it's no big deal. But commercial businesses often have very large units with multiple filters and belts that require thorough maintenance. Plus with all the foot traffic, it is very important that they keep good indoor air quality to keep their employees and customers from getting sick. Oh and did I mention that the units are typically on the roof?

In my 20 yrs of heating and AC experience, I've run across two types of thoughts from business owners when it comes to investing in a maintenance program for their equipment:

1. They don't understand the benefits of preventing breakdowns of equipment so they wont invest in services like we can provide and they don't do anything until the unit breaks. At that point they will pay a huge service call fee and replacement parts fee.

2. Like the owner of the Harley shop...they understand that for a nominal fee (investment) they will have filters and belts changed and coils cleaned on a regular basis which in turn, prolongs the life of their equipment, and more importantly, provides a consistent comfortable (and clean) environment for their employees and customers throughout the year. This is one less thing that a business owner has to worry about.

So that's that. Have you changed your AC filter lately?????

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