Saturday, March 01, 2008


Weird shit is happening all around. I think it may be me going through "the mid life thing". Let me preach on it a minute.

1. I'm starting yet another job Monday. Thank you to the few who gave me input on my job delima on a previous post. All of you said I should take the teaching gig, and I did. However, this is another job change (#5 since I left the Air Force in July). I feel all fucked up for changing jobs so often after staying in the USAF for 20 yrs.

2. My personal life is crazy. My marriage is good and all, but I'm finding it hard to slow down and appreciate things. I used to enjoy evening rides on the Harley but now, I cant get satisfaction from that. I ride aggressive and I'm finding myself provoking cage drivers when they pull out in front of me or cut me off. It's almost like I'm trying to be anti social.

There is one spot in town that I've visited that allows me to relax and I've been going there alot... Most people go to a bar or to a gym to get rid of stress. I've been going to a cemetery. I know, that's weird shit. But I cant help it. I've been going to this local cemetery and walking around and looking at all the grave markers. There is this one mausoleum that faces East and has a stained glass window that faces West and when the sun sets, looking inside the room is the most beautiful, serene vision I have ever seen. The oldest grave I've found had a birth date of 1855. I was told that this cemetery was a paupers burial ground in the 30's thru the 60's, so there are quite a few of small plain headstones about the size of a cinder block. Weeds have overgrown them, so I've been pulling the grass away and exposing the marker. I know this is weird, but being in that cemetery really calms my mind....

I dunno...I gotta get my lazy ass moving. I slept in till 10:00am and it felt fucking great..


MomThatsNuts said...

you are so NOT weird...cemeteries are great places to get your think on...your just having a mid life whatever,,thats me too. I just thought by this time in my life I would be settled more, you know, money and whatnot but apparently the ETK has other plans. I am having a hard time with some other things going on, things I have no control over so I am trying to just let go, but its hard so I get that. Hang in there, your not alone!

:phil: said...

I don't think it's wierd either and I slept until 10:30 today on top of it. It could be a midlife crisis. I had one but unfortunately mine was a real crisis. The big C. Don't feel sorry for me but thank God you have your health.

I used to hang out in cemeteries a lot when I was younger, I was always fascinated by the headstones. Being on the East Coast (NY adn NJ) there were stones from the mid 1700s around. This place was rockin' during the revolution.

BTW: blog address is this

I did rename it because I hardly get any visitors so I felt like I was talking to myself, I guess when I changed the name the old one didn't point to the right URL.

Wendy said...

The past few days I have slept to ten. Glorious.

You seem restless.