Saturday, February 16, 2008


This video kicks so much ass... I miss the hair metal days like nobody's business. During that time my life was so out of control with drugs and alcohol, but man was it a great time.

So I'm gonna pull out the crying towel and I expect whoever reads this to tell me it's gonna be okay. I want someone to tell me what to do and make the decision for me. I spent 20 yrs making decisions in my military career and now my brain wont allow me to make a life changing decision. So here goes:

I'm currently working on the base as an HVAC technician with the civil service. I make about $40K a year. Additionally I've been working with a fellow retireee who owns his own heating and AC company. He has asked me to leave my $40K a year job and come work with him making about $32K a year. Here's the catch. He's guarenteed me $640 a week regardless of if I work 40hrs a week or 2 hrs a week. He has promised me a partnership down the road after some time with him. There are also other incentive based chances for more money if I bring customers to our business. He usually begins work about 9 in the morning as opposed to the 7:30 I have to report at now.

Now...Friday I received a phone call from a Navy contractor on base who I applied with back when I retired in July. They are looking for an HVAC instructor for the young troops who are in our careerfield. I spent 4 yrs being an instructor at this same schoolhouse from 98-2002. This job starts at $50K and my hours will be the same that they are now.

My business partner is really upset at the possibility that I may not be joining him. My current employer understands that I'm going to be leaving him either way. But I'm really torn about all of this. I'm looking for someone to tell me what I should do. I'm too tired to decide.



Jim said...

Well it sounds to me like there is no right or wrong answer but I believe I would take the $50K instructor job. You should save up some money and start your own HVAC business. -Jim

:phil: said...

Hi Paul,
Hmmm, sort of a tough call but I would choose the $50K job. You know what to expect so there shouldn't be any major surprises. The lesser offer with your friend doesn't sound as stable and it seems to be more of a 'handshake' agreement. Is there anything in writing? What if his business fails? You could get screwed. You have a wife and family so you need to think of that. Jim has an good idea too but even though I have never had a major business (only a small part-time web development thing) I do know that owning a business is a long day and often there are a lot of headaches.
Good luck and keep us posted.