Sunday, July 20, 2008

Like that burning sensation you had once...It's hard to get rid of me too

Hello...Is this thing on? Every time I blog I am consistent for a short period of time. Usually just long enough to have my blog buddies start visiting me on a regular basis, then I get lazy and poof, I'm gone again. I don't know why I do that...I suppose it's a "character-flaw".

I have a few blog buddies that I check in on from time to time even when I'm not writing. Specifically I talking about the folks on my recommended reading list. My fave of which is "Mom that's Nuts". If you happen to have stumbled onto my blog, check out my friends. I even have a link to Mr Michael Anthony's (from Van Halen fame) blog. Speaking of my blog...I've sent an email to everyone in my address book telling them that I'm firing this thing back up. Perhaps now I will be more diligent with regular postings.

So not much happening with me since my last blog in April. I have a very well paying job as a DOD contractor teaching Heating and AC to young Airmen and Navy troops. I'm not enthused about the job, but the pay is so great, so I'll hang around awhile. Truth be told, I don't really know what would make me happy on the job front. I've had 4 jobs since I retired from the USAF. I just quit one and go to the next. I've applied to be a substitute school teacher and am thinking about getting my state certificate to be a full time teacher. I enjoy teaching, but teaching the age group of the new military recruits is a pain in the ass. They are smart asses who think the world owes them something. So I'm thinking elementary aged kids might be more my forte'.

We went home to the MS gulf coast for a week vacation the week after the 4th of July. It was AWESOME to get away for a stress free visit to my home. My lovely parents hosted not only my crew of 5, but also my brothers crew of 5 and a girlfriend of my nephew. All of us fit nicely in a 3 bedroom house. I got to have dinner with an old military boss who I havent seen in about 15 yrs. My brother and I trailered our Harley's down and we got in some great riding. I cant express the joy I get whenever I get to ride with my brother. The affects of Katrina are still very evident, but I must admit that the coast looks much better than it did a year ago when I was there. The people of the coast are very resilient and they will build it back. My one complaint is that there is so many high rise condos going up that it will detract from the "Southern charm" that is notorious down home. Also, the cost of living will be higher because of all the new wealthy investors. I'm concerned for the typical coastian who may not be able to adapt to the new economic impact. The only downside to the trip is that I didnt get to see some of my family from my biological dad's side.

So thats that.


Wendy said...

Glad you're back, again! Good to hear from you!

The Mac said...

Hey Paul thanks for checkin' out my Blog. Cool trip the the coast and a killer guitar. Love the story about Guitar Center and so true. I am more of a drummer myself. Don't own a kit but will likely do so in a year. Looking to do some rockin' with some cool folks before I leave this earth.

I truly thank you for rockin' with me on 104 the Bear. Peace brother.

MomThatsNuts said...

I love me some Warren...thats awesome SOOOO you know Cadet ships out in November...he is going to fort lenard wood Missouri? for 20 weeks, gonna be an MP, but he got NO sign on bonus?? I thought that was strange..anyhow, glad your back and still checking on me...