Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a mad mad MAD world

I just finished submitting my subscription to the best publication to ever be printed. That's right...MAD MAGAZINE! I had no idea this mag was still in circulation. I was just sitting in my recliner reminiscing about my youth, and one of the good memories was I remembered going to my grandparents house in San Antonio throughout the 70's. One of my uncle's still lived at home and I would sleep in his room when we visited.
There was always a copy of Mad laying around his room. Us kids would get sent to bed at night and I would climb in bed and look at this cool, weird magazine that I only really understood half of its content. I would force myself to look through the entire mag before enjoying the grand finale'...the fold in on the back cover. I loved this mag and for many years after the 70's, if I saw a copy on the news stand, I instantly reflected back to my childhood.
So you can imagine my delight tonight when I typed the magazine into a search engine and discovered it still existed. And it's not a bad deal 16 issues for $20. I cant wait to get my first copy.
P.S. Thanks to Wendy and Momthatsnuts for checking in on me.


MomThatsNuts said...

OMG ... speaking of childhoods!! A) mad magazine was NOT allowed in our house! You were also NOT allowed to say "sock it to me". And heaven HELP US if you flipped a bird (I even used to flip the bird pointed DOWN so I was flipping off the devil and that somehow made it OK)...akkkkk I cant believe how silly my parents were...


Anonymous said...

Oh man!!! I SO miss "Spy vs. Spy"

hehe - now I gotta go see if they havva website.