Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's a tie

The VP debate was a nice "warm up" to what is coming. Both candidates were cordial and the gloves didn't really come off. I thought Sara really shined. I was worried she might get blown out, but I was happy she did well. I'm a conservative and I'd rather see her gorgeous face for the next 4 yrs instead of Joe..

My blog buddy Jim hosted a live chat while the debate happened. There were a handful of us that chatted and rooted while things unfolded. There was only 2 of us conservatives and about 4 or 5 liberal Dems. We poked at each other but we played very well together. It was fun, and Jim, if you read this, thanks again for hosting the deal.

For anyone else reading this, please visit Jim's blog called,"Country comes to town" Check my fave blogs for a link to him.


VoteNovember2008 said...

Amen, Paul! It was great fun! One day at a time! Keep the faith and stay strong. VN8

Anonymous said...

That musta been great. I was able to follow the chatter, but after the fact since I couldn't get in. Kudos to Jim for going that extra mile to set that whole thing up.