Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Update Tuesday

So not much has changed since yesterday. I have heard that my biological dad and my cousin who he stayed back with are alive. The cousins wife who left and is in Birmingham Al called me today and said she got hold of a neighbor via a cellphone. The neighbor told her that cousin and dad are alive. Still no word on my father-in-law. CNN showed the casino that was "deposited" in the middle of the highway. That casino was about 1/2 mile from the inlaws house.

A CNN reporter was standing in a parking lot that I recognized where a gas station used to be. Chuck's Chevron had been there for the 39 yrs I've been alive. Now it's just a slab of crete in a parking lot with a lone oak tree. So he said their van was parked earlier and he caught a lady stealing a can of gas off the top of their van. He told Larry King he let her have it.

I have have a half assed plan put together to buy a bunch of water, canned food gas and a generator. I've already talked to my bosses and my 1St Sergeant and asked for leave next week. I've told my boss at the music store that I'm probably going to head down. I'm just going to give it till the weekend so roads can be cleared and for some of the craziness to die down. I plan on leaving here Sunday morning.

I just saw where the small town of Bay St. Louis and Waveland were just gotten to today. They are just putting red X's on the homes that have dead bodies in them untill they can get refrigerated trucks to come in. I have family in both of those towns.

Holy shit they are showing whats left of the Biloxi/Ocean Springs bridge now. There is nothing left but the moorings. The bridge is gone. I'm done writing...


:phil: said...

Paul, I hope you hear that everyone is well soon.

MomThatsNuts said...

Ahhh paul, Im so sorry. Its devistating.


Paul (rock star wanna be) said...

Thanks you guys. Please just keep all those people in your thoughts. I'll keep you guys posted on the family status..