Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday mornings rock!!

I love Sunday mornings during the fall season. Our temps are unusually high for this time (90's for highs). But I know cooler temps are approaching.

So anyway, this Sunday morning found me up at 8ish. The kids from T-Man's sleep over were going nuts.

So I was up surfing the Tama Drums website. Since I've started working at the
music store
I want a new drum set, I want more cymbals, I want.....well look at the picture on the left.

This is one drum kit (ya see mom, the trollings could always want something like this beast). This kit belongs to Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. This guy is is such a fantastic technical drummer.

So anyway, the obsessive compulsive part of me kicks in every time I put together a new kit at the store and I want to end up with something like this. Well, last night I went to pull my truck back into the driveway after the kids got done playing basketball. It wouldn't the battery was dead. So today my priority is to get it going before the work week starts. But I'd like to get some time in with my drums.

Anywho....have a great rest of the weekend.


MomThatsNuts said...

OMG that almost looks like the troll~ings room!! Minus a few cymbols and a maybe it just SOUNDS like that...he is jealous I showed him and he wants to come over and play with you! He could teach you some of that modern drumming, double bass pedal and all!!!!


addict said...

WOW! Now THAT's a drum set!!!

Wendy said...


mr. schprock said...

When ever I watch a band on stage, I tend to key in on the drummer. It's like he's the point guard of the whole band. Now I admit I don't know nothin' about no drummin', but I'd sure like to bang on those babies! Rock on, Paul.