Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dude..We gotta count the guitar picks again...

So we've been inventorying for the past week. Every serialized item (guitars, drums, Pro audio, etc.) has to be completed by this Sat. The next couple of weeks will be small goods (strings, picks, and all non serialized items.

To make the process easier on the stores (there are 5) after Christmas, inventory is not re-stocked until the beginning of March. Right now, the shelves are bare. This affects me because I placed my order for my cymbals a month ago, and I haven't gotten them yet.

These are the only half stacks we have until after inventory. We usually have twice this amount on hand. Notice the the basses on the wall behind them. We usually have many more.

This is my domain. I am known as the "drum guy" by my coworkers. I love my dept. The manager is very cool and allows me to rearrange and display as I like. I'm gathering 8X10 pics of celebrity drummers and creating a drummers "wall of fame" over our drumstick counter. I'll post pictures once I get a few up.

As you can see, we have quite a few cymbals still. I cant wait to get my K's in so I can hang them on the cymbal trees for the customers to "ooo and aahh" over. I'll probably sign them out on the computer to myself one at a time and pay each one off as my paycheck allows. My manager is very cool about us just making payments on our stuff, so long as we show the item in the computer as being taken out of inventory and put on our personal accounts.

So that's what's happening with me. Friday we are moving into our new jam pad and will have a Fri night jam session. Stay tuned for pictures.


MomThatsNuts said...

Hey Paul,

CrashTroll~ing plays electric guitar and bass. I dont know if I told you , so he just got a new pedal of some sort, makes all kinds of crazy noises. I like the acustic guitar WAY better. Last night drummerTroll~ing wanted to learn some more chords on the guitar. He really wants to learn to play. I showed him C G can play quite a few songs if you know those 3, although most of the songs I sing have an F thrown in there too....anyhow, have fun moving to your new jam pad and I hope your getting your other stuff settled too.


Wendy said...

very nice looking store. it really surprises me about the practice of keeping the inventory low until march. Interesting.

MomThatsNuts said...


LOLOLOL you crack me parenting manual would be a "what NOT to do"...Im just doing the best I can, but they have to remember they are all gonna be bigger than me (drum trolling is already 6' tall) but I am the one they need to make happy, cuz if MAMMA aint happy, aint NOBODY happy...can I get an AMEN??? lololol