Sunday, February 05, 2006

This is a long one. Ya may wanna go pee before you read it

Not much happening at the Psycho Circus. It seems that a lot of my regular visitors have kinda gone away on me. I hope it isn't a permanent vacation.

So Friday we vacated the old jam pad and moved into the new place. We got together and played a couple of hours Friday night. No one was really into it (at least I wasn't). I really just concentrated on setting my drums up and getting my roomie loaded in so he could set his up also.

There are small sets of tract lighting throughout the room so I loaded some red and blue bulbs into a few and have them shining onto my kit. It gives off a very cool pinkish/purple vibe behind my kit. That is much better than the bright fluorescent lights at my last jam pad. The guitarists like the new place better as well, because they have room to move around.

We went from a 10x10 total sized room. The guy's now have 10x10 just for themselves. We have a refrigerator, and the place is a street level storefront, so that means we don't have to climb stairs anymore.

So I have a new toy. I am the proud owner of a DW 9002 double kick drum pedal. This jewel is top of the line pro level. This pedal is used by many celeb drummers like Peter Criss (KISS), Steve Smith (Journey) and Bobby Rock (Vinnie Vincent Invasion/Nelson) just to name a few. However, DW doesn't provide me mine for free, so I had to cough up a few Tarpley music paychecks for mine.

Here is the story on how I ended up buying this:
Last Thursday I had to go to Dallas on Air Force business. While we were down there I stopped in at a Guitar Center because I had never been inside one. Suffice it to say I was in heaven inside the place. I've never seen so much music stuff in one place. So I noticed DW's middle of the road pedal (DW5000) was only $359.00. Knowing my store couldn't get one, and being the impulse shopper that I am, I ended up getting it reduced to cover the tax, so I walked out the door with it for $359.00. That's cheaper than the internet has it. So I drive 2 hrs back up to Wichita Falls and go to work at the music store. When I get home that night, I open the box of my new toy and.........Shit!

The driveshaft that connects the two pedals is missing. The box was sealed so it had to be a mistake by the factory. Needless to say, I was pissed. So I get on the phone and call the Guitar Center in Dallas and advise of my dilemma. They ask me to bring it back to the store and they will exchange it. That's a friggen 4 hr round trip. I tell them I'm not very happy but I'll be down on Sunday. I tell the manager that he will have to make the trip worth my while.

So today the family loads up for the trek back to Dallas. When we get to GC, the manager wants to just give me a driveshaft out of another box. OH NO HE DIDNT! I tell him that I just drove 2 hrs to return a defective $350.00 pedal. He wants to give me a brick of drumsticks (12 pairs).. Nope, I don't want that. Then I see the holy grail of pedals, the DW 9000. It retails for almost $600. GC has it marked at $479. I try to do an even swap. The manager says no way. I plead my case about my gas and time. I say how about $400 out the door. He plays with the computer and says the best he can do is $420. I say C'mon man, work with me...How about $420 out the door (we have 8.25% sales tax). He says lets do it.

I walk out with a $479 pedal for $387 pedal like I've just negotiated a multi million dollar deal. We get in the van and my wife laughs at me. She says," well tough guy, you were gonna drive down to Dallas and get a bunch of stuff for free. Instead you give them an additional $70". Talk about knocking the wind out of my ego. I don't care, I have the holy grail of pedals.


MomThatsNuts said...

Awesome pedal! Just got drumTroll~ing one of those not too long ago. No I havent replaced the drum heads yet. Its just hard to find someone to do it. I should just go to the music store and pay them to come do it. CrashTroll~ing said he would do it, but drums are ummmm FUN enough but if they are out of tune then holy cow!!! Hey at least you and your wife are laughing together in the same space!! Thats a good thing...


boiledpnut said...

The lights are sweet!

Kid Ric said...

Hey Paul,

Oh, hail the great negotiator. Super deal. But, I have to agree partially with the wife. I would have done the same thing myself though. So, there you go. Congrats on the new pedal.

I was playing a 19 year old Yamaha set the other night with the same pedals and I loved it. Smooth action. Quick response.

Peace, love and light my friend,

mr. schprock said...

Man! Talk about the art of the deal! Donald Trump could take a lesson from you.

:phil: said...

Put the pedal to the metal dude!

MPD said...

I didnt leave ya permanently man...just had technical difficulties is all but im back now

Princess Lo said...

congrats on the new pedal!!! i am still around too, i have just been sick so havent been blogging too much!! Thanks for the compliment on my pic the other day i appreciate it

Gil said...

Hi Paul,

Seems to me everything is going well with you.
You deserve it my friend.

Take care and have fun.