Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The 3 biggest things in my life at the moment

The economy is tanking, the presidential primaries are sucking and Van Halen is touring to some less than stellar reviews (yes, all 3 are equally important in my book). The video above is from a happier time in VH history. For people who dont know whats going on with Van Halen because you're too busy with your careers and such, I say shame on you. I'll bring you up to speed. The original members of VH minus Michael Anthony (bassist) are touring for the first time in over 20 yrs. Eddie's 16 yr old son is playing bass. David Lee Roth is trying to act like it's 1980 again and he's coming off like an imbecile. Also, alot of hard core fans are hating on Wolfie. To them I say ask yourself if you were 16 and had the chance to tour with the original members of VH, Would you say, "no thanks dad?"

Next topic: None of the presidential candidates really stand out to me. I guess it will come down to me voting for the lesser of evils.

Final Topic: On the economic front... I'm not terribly affected. I dont play the stock market. I have a few CD's and a savings account with ING-Direct.

So that's that. Work is work and life is life.


MomThatsNuts said...


Dont you HATE that work is work and life is life?? I mean really, isnt there something MORE?? I dont know what it is, Im ASKING....

Sorry about VH...but Im afraid they will never recapture the glory.

The primaries are irrelevant...but I really dont have a clue who will win, it will be a suprise, but I dont think it will be a girl...

Yeah the economy, I dont have stocks either, hell I dont have a 401K even...but hey I got my lights and water for another month at least~~

hmmmmm at least there might be some tax cuts coming?? Of course I wont qualify for them, because thats the story of my life, but they may help the kids~~


MomThatsNuts said...

Hey Paul,

The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE the rock band thing!! You can hook 2 guitars and the drums and the microphone to it. They have been at it STEADY since 10 this morning now its 730!! The drums are fun, the guitar is just like guitar hero but you have the distractions of the drum and singer. Its alot of fun. I paid 170.00 for the set up that comes with one guitar, the drums (no throne) the microphone and game disc. FULLY worth it if your kids are into music!!


:phil: said...

I've never been a big VH fan, mainly because of Roth (he's such an a-hole) but man, can Eddie play incredibly!