Friday, July 25, 2008

The american dream or nightmare depending on your point of view

Another work week has come and gone...It's Friday night and here I sit in suburbia living the "American Dream". I'm sitting in my recliner with the after taste of pizza in my throat and my bloated stomach hanging over my waist band. My wife is asleep on the couch next to me while the 52" plasma TV radiates a tremendous amount of heat in its effort to deliver the movie "The Bucket List" in high definition. As I'm typing this post, I'm listening to my frinends band, Beautiful Creatures on my new I-Pod. The video above was shot when my friend Kenny's band was on tour in Japan. Kenny and I were high school buddies back in the 80's before he changed his name and became a big rock star. That's him on bass guitar. I guess you could say that my friend and I are both truly living up to the stereotypical image of the Western infidel.

Anyway...back to the movie. The movie itself sucks, but the premise of it is interesting. Two old geezers are told that they have terminal illnesses and they only have so much time left. They set out to do things on a list they call a bucket list. Basically it's a list of off the wall things they each want to do before they kick the bucket...get it, "a bucket list". So I decided I'd scratch my balding head and rub my fat belly then sit down here and write about my bucket list. I've actually done several things that I'd want to do before taking the big dirt nap. Here's what I've done:

1. Been married to someone who didn't judge me and run for the hills while I self destructed. She has stuck by my side for over 20 yrs.

2. Jumped out of an airplane - The rush was better than sex.

3. Owned a Harley Davidson - I've actually owned 5. I've also done the Easy Rider type thing riding 3000 miles with my brother on a two week long excursion.

4. Stumbled onto a Buddhist village deep in the woods of South Korea- It was truly the most serene experience I've ever had. We didn't understand a word each other tried to say, but they were very courteous while we were there. We civilized Americans should be so lucky to learn to live like those people (I'd spend the day there again in a heart beat).

There are a couple of things that I've yet to do:

1. Ride a bull- I just want to say I've done it.

2. Watch my children grow up to be productive members of society.

3. Speak my peace with my biological father.

I ain't in a hurry to finish the list just yet. However, if i don't quit getting soft and living the American nightmare, I may end up not being able to complete my bucket list.

On a different note...There's news on the job front but I'm not at liberty to discuss yet. Stay tuned...

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